Happy Thanksgiving

I was reading the Radiance Sutras last night and found Sutra #50 that totally relates to and celebrates the Spirit of Thanksgiving. I especially recommend considering this Sutra #50 as a Thanksgiving meditation or to read before your Celebratory and Glorifying meal.

Also, I like the word-concept Thanksgiving. Not only does it mean giving thanks but the active verb of giving takes you outside of yourself to connect with the whole of Self.

All the very best,


All around you, in every moment,
The world is offering a feast for your senses.
Songs are playing, tasty food is on the table,
Fragrances are in the air,

Colors fill the eyes with light.
You who long for union,
Attend this banquet with loving focus.
The outer and inner worlds Open to each other.
Oneness of vision, oneness of heart.

Right here, in the midst of it all, Mount that elation,
ascend with it, Become identical
With the ecstatic Essence Embracing both worlds.

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