The student shall have the right to cancel the enrollment agreement and receive a full tuition refund before they receive the books and program materials. Cancellation is effective on the date written notice of cancellation is sent. If the student received the enrollment materials or NHIH proprietary books and other NHIH proprietary information before an effective cancellation notice was sent, the institution shall not refund any monies received.

NHIH shall transmit the materials and books to the student if the student has fully paid for the educational programs/courses OR if the student has paid the full down payment required to begin the programs, courses, or classes. If the institution transmits the materials and books, and if the student’s account is both current and in good standing, the institution shall remain obligated to provide the other educational services it agreed to provide, such as responses to student inquiries, student and faculty interaction, evaluation and comment on lessons submitted by the student, but shall not be obligated to pay any refund after the NHIH proprietary lessons and materials are transmitted. All Cancellations or Withdrawal of Enrollment MUST be in writing via email or via certified mail.


ADDRESS: Natural Healing Institute Hawaii, LLC
885 Pulehuiki Road, Kula – Maui, HI – USA 96790