Certified Master Aromatherapist (CCMA)™ - 200 hrs

Aromatherapy is the art and science of healing with essential oils. The plant’s vital essences offer different fields of application suitable for daily life.  Learn and appreciate the delicate, subtle powers of plants in all forms, joining herbalism with aromatherapy.  You will blend together the art and science of reviving ancient Healing Traditions: flower essences, aromatherapy oils, and other therapies.
Certified Aromatherapist

The program incorporates theoretical and practical information of fragrant plants in all forms, joining herbalism with aromatherapy.  Following is a partial list of subjects covered: Essentials oils — what they are/how they work, contraindications & the safe practice of aromatherapy, botanical families of fragrant plants, using herbs & essential oils together, psychology of scent/perfume blending, and ceremonial & esoteric uses of essential oils.  Other topics covered are massage, bath therapy & specialized skin care practices, essential oils & the culinary arts, Materia Medica — properties of essential oils, sampling rare essential oils & unique absolutes, creating personal, perfume & therapeutic blends, making herbal preparations, sampling herb & aromatherapy culinary delights, and making lotions, bath salts, massage oils & more.

“In the garden of the senses lies the pathway to the spirit.” ~ Steve Schechter, NP, HHP

Topics Covered:

  • Aromatherapy and the use of natural essences for health concerns and common ailments
  • Essential oils – what they are and how they work
  • Contraindications and the safe practice of aromatherapy
  • Botanical families of fragrant plants
  • Using herbs and essential oils together
  • Psychology of scent/perfume blending
  • Ritual and esoteric uses of essential oils
  • Massage, bath therapy and specialized skin care practices
  • Essential oils and the culinary arts
  • Materia Medica – the properties of essential oils
  • Sampling rare essential oils and unique absolutes
  • Creating personal, perfume and therapeutic blends
  • Making herbal preparations
  • Sampling herb and aromatherapy culinary delights
  • Making lotions, bath salts, massage oils and more
  • Aromatherapy and energetic/vibrational healing
  • Aromatherapy and plant spirit medicine

200 Credit Hours

Tuition Price: $1196.00

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Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, NHI Founder-Director

Before founding NHI 22 years ago, Steve was the senior formulator for 2 of the 3 largest supplement companies in the world and 3 of the 4 largest herb companies in the world. Steve authored the best-selling book for 12.5 years on foods, nutrients and herbs well documented to boost immune processes and detoxify from a wide range of common chemicals, heavy metals, and radiations. He has had more than 350 articles published in national peer review magazines, and a regular keynote speaker for 17 years at the three largest health industry symposiums in the world. For many years, the largest health industry companies considered him one of the top, most experienced nutrition and one of the top, most experienced herb experts in the country.

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