What our graduates are saying about NHI…

“I have had a great experience with Natural Healing Institute and in going through their Certified Nutritionist Consultant program. The books are very informative and will be added tools to my coaching practice. Steve is a great instructor with the distant learning program. Lauren in the administrative office has always been really helpful, assisting me in answering all of my questions in a timely matter so I could do the program at my desired pace. I would definitely recommend Natural Healing Institute to other holistic health coaches to get a well-rounded program.

~ Lauriena C., CNC, Lubbock, TX

“For many years I have dabbled in growing herbs, making my own teas,  and flower essences. Taking the Clinical Herbalist Certification course  created a structure for me to focus and gain a deeper and much more expansive foundation of practical wisdom.

I will now be adding more herbal wisdom, with greater confidence, in my practice as a: nutritionist, author and life coach. In my personal life, I have already saved money on my own health, and I’ve supported my friends and family in their well being through the wealth of information available in Steve’s student manual.

I deeply appreciate being able to apply this knowledge in my daily life. Thank you NHI, and especially Steve! “

~ Naomi Sophia Call, Findhorn Press Author, International Teacher and Consultant

“I have known Steve Schechter for several decades and have taught Sports Nutrition at The Natural Healing Institute for 10 years. I also attended NHI and received my Clinical Nutrition Certification there in 1999.  I love the school because they teach health and healing in a format that recognizes all life as being sacred. The students I have taught are eager to learn and are excited to become teachers and healers. I highly recommend anyone interested in health and healing attend The Natural Healing Institute.”

~ Jay Robb, CNC, CPT, Bestselling author and creator of Jay Robb Protein, the #1 Premium Brand of Protein in America

“To say that I loved what I learned at NHI is an under statement! It is hard to put into words the amazing experience I received & all that my NHI courses meant to me. Many times, I felt as though I was in the midst of an ancient rite, privileged to be included in an inner circle of wisdom as I was being taught proven sacred knowledge handed down from hundreds of generations, those secrets that would keep the body healthy, well, empowered, & safe. It was truly an education of a life time, one that I have shared with many and that changed my eating and health practice forever. Steve, your classes were beyond deeply helpful, they were inspirational. Thank you for who you are and all that you do!

~ Shannon Peck, spiritual counselor, co-author of bestseller, “The Love You Deserve,” teacher of “Finding Your Soul Mate” series, and blogger @ www.ShannonPeck.com

“I completed the Certified Clinical Master Herbalist program 12 years ago! Because of Steve’s vast knowledge and practice of herbal medicine, I gained the confidence and wisdom to advise my family and friend’s. Over time that knowledge has evolved into teaching and creating my own product’s”.

~ Andrea Hall

“I went into this wonderful Yoga training not having the faintest clue what a Downward dog meant. Now I teach regularly and have my own clientele. I learned so much about myself and what I was capable of, along with proper alignment, adjusting and asana flow. I use the Divinici/Somatic exercise often in my regular class and for my clients I personally train its proved beneficial and very enjoyable. A well rounded experience and awakening.”

~ Jennifer Lasek

“Hands down the best Holistic Based Educational Institution in SD…I highly recommend NHI to ANYONE wanting to further there education for professional or personal growth.”

~ Paula Jacoban

“I want you to know that I have treasured every hour of the Clinical Nutrition course. I thank you for your wise teachings and those of your excellent instructors. We are all masters of our own ship and the knowledge I gained at the Institute (NHI) will help me to steer a safer course – for myself, my loved ones, and for those who see my help. For that you have my gratitude.”

~ Helen Wedemeyer

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