Steve-Headshot-2014Steve Schechter, NHI Founder (N.P., HHP)

I grew up wanting to become the best doctor I could. While in pre-medicine, I passionately dedicated my life to being a comprehensive Naturopathic Practitioner, holistic health practitioner and renaissance metaphysician. I have trained thousands of students who are now licensed and certified therapists and, since 1977, frequently speak with large audiences across the U.S. and the world.

NHI is a culmination of my dreams and passions; and, with everyone’s excellent input, is growing well beyond expectations.

The word doctor comes from the Latin word meaning to teach. A true doctor is also a teacher—teaching clients how to heal themselves, prevent disease and generate optimal health. Healing includes yet goes beyond curing people’s bodies. It is about empowering people to heal their lives. Illness and injury can prompt us to look carefully at ourselves and our lives. They can also help us to better appreciate the preciousness of life and health. How have we been using our bodies? What have we been doing with our lives? What is our true mission in this world?

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, ignites a heart, and inspires a spirit. We commit to helping each other live, grow, teach, and heal with joy, with appreciation, and with reverence for life’s magnificent and magical forces.

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